We Believe That:
“Nano Technology is the future of Cannabinoid delivery.”

We Are Ahead of the Curve
Benefits of Nano Technology

We believe that Nano CBD technology is the future when it comes to faster absorption and achieving therapeutic dosing.

Current available non-Nano CBD topicals have no technology addressing the penetration and absorption through the stratum corneum. 

Short chained fractionated oil Nano CBD is so small (~50 nm) that absorption is usually achieved within several minutes 

Nano CBD is estimated to be significantly more bioavailable than non-Nano CBD, with increased absorption rate and faster potential for therapeutic effect.

Proprietary formulation and Nanotechnology are utilized to achieve these enhancements, without limitations on shelf life or stability.


  • Kinetically stable at ambient (room) temperature
  • Thermally stable at ambient temperature
  • Two year shelf life under proper storage

Cellular Uptake

  • Faster onset of therapeutic effect

Product Quality

  • No odor
  • No taste
  • No pesticides
  • No biologicals (mold/mildew/bacterial)