Paving the Way for the

Future of Natural Medical Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Who we are

Greenway Therapeutix® is a medically focused Biopharma company created by

Medical Doctors & Scientists

We are dedicated to the research and development of therapeutic medical grade cannabinoid products using cutting edge Nanotechnology. We employ the highest current formulation science and safety standards in the development of data-substantiated products.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Patient Focused

As doctors, our number one priority is focusing on patient needs and how they may safely and effectively benefit from these medicinal plants.

From Organic Inputs

We source our cannabinoids from high-quality organic hemp farms, with superior genetics and organic inputs, free of pesticides or chemicals. We reliably provide the purest quality of organic plant material to benefit the health of our patients.

Dedicated to Research & Development

Our development is purely based on scientific data, the highest current standards of scientific formulations, and nanotechnology. We strive to put the focus of our product development on clinical data-driven results.

High Quality Manufacturing Standards

We employ validated third-party purification standards, good manufacturing practice (GMP), the FDA’s Botanical Drug Development guidelines and Pharma standards for product development and safety.


We are Dedicated to the Research and Development of a

New Class of High Potency Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Our products are currently under development and are “High Potency” Cannabinoid Therapeutics. Potential anti-inflammatory cascade of uses and indications are anticipated to be vastly broad, safe, and highly therapeutic.


Our Primary Focus In Development Is

Quality & Safety

Commitment to Innovation

Greenway Therapeutix® understands that technology is consistently changing in this field. 

We are setting a new standard on the market for fast absorption, high efficacy and safety results with our unique Nano Cannabinoid therapeutics technology.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Standards

Currently there is a lack of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid products in the US markets.

We are making strides to change that model, so that patients can rely on the same quality of GMP manufacturing, consistency, and safety standards that currently exist within the mainstream therapeutic industry.

Commitment to Patient Safety & Education

Today, multiple CBD products are available for consumption, however, most do not have set safety guidelines or adherence standards. 

With our 99% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD products, we take the guesswork out, set the bar higher, and educate patients and advocacy groups on important safety and proper therapeutic dosing levels.

Why It Works

Organically grown, high quality cannabinoids are sourced from qualified partner hemp farms.

High scientific standards of CO2 extraction and validated purification technology.

99% purity of the medical grade cannabidiol extracts confirmed through validated analytical testing and additional third party confirmations.

Proprietary nano delivery vehicle & nano-formulated cannabinoid technology improves stability, bioavailability, and provides increased penetration.

Manufacturing procedures comply with GMP guidelines and regulated quality standards.

Our Cannabidiol products are developed with the goal of setting a “New Standard” of therapeutic quality for patient safety and efficacy in the current industry.

Investors & Media

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Collaborations & Inquiries

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Our New Cannabidiol Products Will

Set a New Standard for the Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-Standards-Based CBD

Greenway Therapeutix® focuses on quality and safety and follows current FDA guidelines.